I Couldn’t Save Him00:00

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I don’t know if you remember the two cats who lost their human about 5 months ago. If you haven’t watched the videos about them, about 5 months ago I took 2 cats who lost their owner in my care. Two adult cats, male and female, brother and sister about 8 years old. The two suffered very much after their beloved human and all the changes that happened in their lives all of a sudden, affected them seriously.

Their immune system went down and since I took them in my care they had all kind of health problems. They had flu, they had a bad form of Calicivirus. Right after they went over this, Weeny, the female had liver failure. She felt really bad, she lost a lot of weight, she needed many treatments and support and of course a lot of love to get over the disease. Thankfully she got over the disease, now she is fine, totally healthy and after a lot of treatments she started to gain her weight back.

Right after she started to feel better, her brother stared to feel bad. He made exactly the same disease as his sister had, he had liver failure but with much worse values. Very fast he made icterus. He is not near me now because I couldn’t save him. The vets tried all their best, he received all the treatments possible, he received all the love that he could get. Is very sad for me to talk about this but I lost him. He tried his best to get better but his values got worse and worse util he gave up, he couldn’t fight any more.

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