I Have Taken A Feral Cat Inside02:14

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I have taken a feral cat inside. This ginger cat appeared at my gate at the beginning of the summer. I fed him all the summer but recently I realised he doesn’t have a place where to sleep. He was sleeping under the cars in front of my gate. Now that the weather is changing and the winter is coming I just couldn’t let him make the winter outside. Also the cats from the neighbourhood didn’t accept him at all, they were often chasing him and they often had fights.

Of course he was trapped, I caught him with the trap cage because he is very shy. At the moment he is in a quarantine cage. He received his deworming and vaccines and soon he will be neutered. The thing is I don’t want to offer him shelter only for the winter, I want to work with him, I want to help him gain his trust in humans and I want to find him a home.

He doesn’t let me touch him for the moment, he is very scared with me, but I am not going to force him to do this, I will let him accustom with me step by step and I will give him all the time that he needs to accept me as his friend.

And in case he won’t ever be a friendly cat, I will find a kind hearted human for him who would accept him like this.

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