Injured Kitten Needed Help02:41

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This little kitten was found hanging on a fence. While he was trying to jump over a sharp fence he was hurt and he couldn’t get down any more. He was lucky some people saw him and took him immediately at the vet. He needed a small surgery as the wound was quite deep and it needed to be closed.

I was asked if I can help him so I took him in my foster care until he will find a home. He had to stay for a while at the vet as he needed local treatments. The wound healed very well. Unfortunately when he was hurt one nerve was injured and now he is not walking perfectly normal. But this doesn’t stop him to run and jump. Is possible that in time he will walk better.

He has a problem at one eye too, seems like he had an injury at his eye also. He can see with this eye but is possible not to see very well with it. He receives local treatment for this too.

Even if he has the eye like this and even if he is not walking normally this doesn’t mean that he is not perfect because he is perfect just the way he is.

In the first day when I brought him in the foster room he was hiding with the other kittens but this didn’t last more than one day and he got out and started to play.

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