It’s not about You, It’s About Them02:17

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I am involved in cat rescue since many years. I have given so many cats to adoption that honestly I don’t even know hay many they were. I know that I have inspired some people to help too but I often hear people telling me ‘I don’t know how you do this, I couldn’t do this because I would get too attached with them and I would want to keep them all”. And that is the reason why they choose not to see and stay away from the rescue. Even if deep down in their hearts they would like to do this. And they are right, in a way. We are humans, we get attached and is so difficult to let it go.

I remember when I started to rescue that I was thinking pretty much the same. I was crying after every cat that I was givig to adoption, I was even feeling guilty for giving them away, I was feeling like I was betraying them. But doing this over and over again I started to change. I realised that it wasn’t about me, it was about them.

When I first visited the a cat that I have give to adoption I was thinking the cat will jump into my arms ad be happy to see me. It was funny. It was like ‘hey is nice to see you’ but took at my life, look how happy I am!’

Then I realised how wrong I was and I realized that the best way to prove my love for them is letting them go without feeling sorry about this. And they will carry this love further by making other people happy and making the life of the humans who adopted them much better.

No, I am not crying any more when I give my rescued cats for adoption. Because I love each of them and I want them to be happy.

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