Kitten Crying For Help01:17

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I would like to introduce you a new rescued cat, actually a kitten as he is still young, he is about 7 months old. I found him yesterday night, I actually heard him crying close to my house and I went co check if the cat who is meowing was fine. The moment he saw me he jumped into my arms.

We went for the first vet check, he seems fine, he is just very very dirty. The vet recommended that I should wash him as we don’t know what this dirt is and he is licking himself and we don’t know if is toxic or not. But I will let him settle down a little first.

Is for the first time when the kittens meet a new and bigger cat and they are pretty scared. Especially that he is hissing them. I had to move the litters closer to their playing area, also the water as they are afraid to walk near his cage. But usually this doesn’t last more than one or two days so soon they should be all fine.

I will keep you updated about his evolution so please keep watching my videos. In the next video I will show you the bath time. See you soon!

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