Kitten Got Ill And Needed Treatments – how to give a kitten a pill without stressing the kitten

I have a situation with the little kitten that was abandoned in front of the veterinary clinic. She made Calicivirus. A few days ago she started to eat less, she wasn’t no longer playing and it was obviously that something was wrong with her. I went with her at the vet for a check. She has no fever but of course the vet checked her in the mouth too and we saw some ulcerations on her tongue. This is a typical sign of Calicivirus, the ulcerations on the tongue.

Of course we started immediately the treatment. She is now under antibiotics, vitamins and of course local treatment in on her tongue. The good news she started to respond very fast at the treatment, it didn’t take long and she started to eat again pretty well. She also started to play again. Even though she is so tiny she is strong. Now we have to finish the treatment even though she is feeling much better. She still has to receive the medicines for about 10 days. Right now I have to give her the antibiotics and I will show you how I give it to her without stressing her.

As I told you she receives vitamins too. She received by injections for the first two days but now that she is much better she can receive on the mouth. I took for her this kind of paste vitamins. So I place the pill right here and I give her the antibiotics together with the vitamins. That simple. She loves the taste of the vitamins so I have just excluded the stress of giving her pills. 🙂

I will keep you updated with her evolution in my next videos. Se you soon.

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