Kitten Needed 5 Days To Become Trustful02:54

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This kitten was recently rescued. She used to be a stray kitten when she was noticed by someone while she was trying to eat something but she was not able to grab the food and eat it. It was obviously that she was very hungry and something was wrong with her. She was caught and taken immediately to a vet. After some investigations the vet decided that she had Calicivirus and Bronchitis.

She needed a few days of an intense treatment. Today, after more then one week that she spent at the vet, she is feeling much better, she is able to eat and the vet decided to let me take her home. She is not very accustomed with humans, the only humans that she had contact with are the vets that treated her. She doesn’t know me too well and she is afraid with me. I can touch her but I can tell she is afraid with me by the way she is keeping her tail and I can see she is not comfortable when I touch her.

I am curious now how many days will she need to accept me and not to be afraid with me any more. Watch the video and find out! 🙂

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