Kitten Rescued In A Very Poor Condition Is Finally Going Home00:00

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This little girl has stolen the hearts of many people because the videos with her had many views on social media. And really, just kook at this face, she is stealing your heart instantly.

I found her about 2 months ago crying for help very close to my home. I have no idea how she got there, either she was abandoned, either her cat mother lost her somehow. But is good that she cried loud enough so that I can hear her and I was able to catch her and help her.

She is now about 4 months old. Not so small any more but still adorable. She is now fully vaccinated. She had an urinary tract infection recently and she needed a lot of treatments but things are going well as she is almost over it. The good news is that she is very close to get adopted, she has a beautiful family waiting to take her home. I can’t say she was the happiest here in the big community of cats but this was her only chance to survive and is also just something temporary as as soon as she will get to her new home she will have a lot of space and also just one cat waiting for her, not so many as she met here in this room.

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