Kitten Season Has Started Early02:02

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A cat mommy was found a few days ago together with her 5 newborn kittens. I took her inside, thankfully she is a friendly cat. She gave birth to these 5 babies probably a few hours before she was found because she was still bleeding a little. It didn’t take long and she delivered two more kittens, unfortunately one was born dead… The last one who was born is this golden kitten. Isn’t he a miracle? But all of them are little miracles.

So 6 tiny kittens and a proud mommy. One friend named her Puma because she looks like a strong cat.

As soon as she realized that this is her safe place I had a little trouble in changing her blanket or taking her bowls to put food and water. I can touch the babies and I can cuddle her but I am not allowed to touch the blanket or the bowls. She is funny.

I don’t know what is her story, if she ever had anything of her own but looks like she is afraid not to lose what she has here. It will take some time but with a lot of love she should give up at this behavior.

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