Kitten Who Was Almost Hit By A Car Is Rescued02:28

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This beautiful cat was wandering the streets when she was very close to be run over by a car. She was extremely lucky when someone saw what was going to happen and saved her. A driver who was looking in his phone while she was driving didn’t see the cat and he almost hit her. But a man who was nearby saw that and stopped the car in time… This is how this beautiful cat came in my care.

Probably she was abandoned as she was found close to a market place and she was very confused, she didn’t know where to go. Now she is safe and she can stay in my foster care until she will find a safe place, a real home and a real family to offer her all the love that she deserves.

She was so tired after she got here, she slept for days, she was waking up only to eat and to make her needs. But slowly, with good food and a lot of love, she started to regain her powers and she started to play. Now she is in good shape, she is fully vaccinated and dewormed and she will be in my care until she will find a loving family to adopt her.

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