Kitten Who Was Scared On The Streets Is Now Safe02:12

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I was notified about this kitten about two weeks ago. He was confused, scared, hiding under the cars on a street with high traffic. He was in a big danger of being hit by cars. Of course I went immediately there, I first tried to catch him by hand but he was afraid with me so I placed a trap cage ad this way I managed to catch him.

It was a very hot day, he was dehydrated but with some good food and plenty of water he started to feel better. Of course he was full of fleas so he received a treatment against fleas and also internal deworming.

He is a very friendly kitten, he is full of energy and he plays a lot.

Now is the moment when I can move him in the foster room where he can stay with the other cats until he will find a loving family to adopt him.