Kittens At 7 Weeks Old02:42

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These kittens and their mother were rescued right after they were born. They are already 7 weeks old. They are growing nicely, thankfully they are healthy and in one week they will receive their first vaccine. At this age they they are experiencing many behavioral and developmental changes that are important to their temperament as adults.

They are lucky to have a mother so they will stay near their mother until they will have 3 months old as this is the best for them. In the last week they started to lick each other more, to groom themselves more, to jump on higher places, to play more, to use the scratching post. So many things they have learned in such a short time. Now they are learning many valuable skills as the interaction they have one with another helps them to read other cat’s signals and also to communicate with other animals as they get older.

At this age, as all kittens under 3 months old, they are at an age where they are naturally learning fast. What I noticed about them is that they are getting scared quite fast, they have a survival instinct and if anything scares them they run and hide into a safe place. Their safety corner is under the quarantine cage. For example they got scared when my phone was ringing, they all run under the cage. Of course they stayed there for a few seconds and got out but still they had a reaction that shouldn’t be there.

As they are learning so fast as this age, I started to work a little with them. Now I put them music on YouTube and all king of sounds like nature sounds, birds and they are much better. They also started to spend time at the window watching bids, insects. I don’t want to take them out of the room until they will get their vaccines, but after they will be vaccinated they will start to socialize more, they will meet the dogs and also new humans.

This way, when they will get adopted they will act perfectly normal and the owners shouldn’t have behavior problems with them.

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