Kittens Evolution At 10 Days Old02:05

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Here we are after 10 days since this beautiful kittens were born. They are all fine and growing nicely. They started to open their eyes at only 7 days old. At this age their vision is still blurry, they don’t fully hear, they cannot self regulate their body temperature and their sense of smell is still developing. All they do now is eat, sleep, and they have their mother help them go to the bathroom. They totally depend on their mother now. But they are lucky to have such a good and careful mother.

They are quite big for their age but having in mind the mommy is eating a lot, she is eating 4 times a day wet food and also some dry food, this explains why they grow so well.

I haven’t moved them yet in the foster room because I wanted them to be closer with me for a while. I want to watch them better for the first two weeks, I want to see how they grow, how they eat. But thankfully they are all fine. And in a few days I think I will move them in the foster room.

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