Living with a cat with FIV

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Hans was rescued 7 years ago when he was 2 only weeks old. He was found in a bag in the trash crying for help. He was so tiny and dirty, a few more hours in that trash and he wouldn’t have been alive any more. But a kind hearted human was walking her dog, the dog heard him first and run there to show his human what he discovered.

I took him immediately in my care and I started to bottle feed him. Unfortunately he had a bad cat flu, so tiny and so ill. He started to receive an intense treatment. It lasted for a few weeks until he was nursed back to health but he fighter this and got over it.

I had a big surprise when he was discovered to be a Fiv positive cat! But this wasn’t a concern for me because I know FIV cats live long, healthy, normal lives with no symptoms at all. He is active, playful and if he wouldn’t have been tested probably he would have never been suspected to be a FIV positive cat.

I noticed it is a lot of false information on the internet about Fiv positive cats and if you are iterated on the subject I recommend you to visit Fiv cat rescue on Facebook where you can find a lot of good information about Fiv in cats.

In case you are planning to adopt a cat please consider adopting a Fiv positive cat too. A lot of Fiv positive cats are killed in shelters for nothing, they need exact same good care you give to any cat and they can live together in the same household with other cats.

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