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I am sure many of you were waiting for an update about the pregnant cat who followed me on the street and who gave birth here to 6 beautiful kittens. Well here they are all fine and healthy. The kittens are already two months old.

In the last two weeks we had a little trouble as they had Calicivirus. But they received all the necessary treatments and now they are fine, they got over it. Calicivirus is a virus that manifests thorough mouth ulcerations, fever, joints pain. These are not easy symptoms but with the proper treatment they heal quite fast. Now that we ended the treatments they can receive the first vaccine in a few days.

The cat mother is doing great, as you can see she gained a lot of weight because she is eating a lot. She is happy and she feels safe. The kittens the same they are playing all day long. When the kittens will have 3 months old the cat mother will be spayed and at the proper age the kittens also.

Two months ago she was crying for help on the streets, full of fleas and hungry, being ready to give birth.They will all stay in my foster care until they will all go to their loving families where they will live the beautiful lives that they deserve.

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