Newborn Kittens Needed Help02:49

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Two days ago I was notified about some newborn kittens crying at a marketplace. Two of them were in a tiny box and another one was crying somewhere close. I went immediately there to see if they are fine and what is their story. There were many people there but nobody knew how did the kittens get there.

They were hoping that they have a mother and that she will come after them. Just that they already waiting since about 10 hours… 10 hours those newborn kittens didn’t eat anything. One of them was separate with the others and her body temperature was already too low… I realised it is crucial for them to be fed immediately and put them in a warm place. At this age kittens are unable to regulate their body temperature. So I took them out of there.

Someone was going to inform me in case a cat mother would have appeared searching for them. But unfortunately no cat appeared. I rushed with the kittens home, prepared them some special milk and fed them. They were quite weak after so many hours without food. In the evening I went back there as there were no people. I was hoping the mother will appear. I took a trap cage and also the kittens.

There were just some feral cats but no trace of a cat mother. I know there are chances for kittens that small to survive even if they are bottle fed but I really want to offer them the best chance. So I asked for help on the internet and I started to look for a cat mother for them.

The next day someone wrote me that a cat mother was found in a bag, in the trash, together with her five small kittens. They needed help too so I went to take them too. After we got home I placed the three kittens near the five and the mommy accepted them immediately. She is such a good cat, so caring and loving!

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