Old Cats Deserve a Good Life Too00:46

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Cats are officially “seniors” by the time they reach 10 years old. Usually cats age more gracefully than dogs, but they still age. When they get older they can’t jump to the top of the refrigerator as easy as before, their appetites wane and they start to sleep more. Adopting any animal is a rewarding and fulfilling experience that will bring so much joy and happiness in your life.

Unfortunately many people who decide to adopt a cat will search for a young cat or kitten. That makes the oldest cats the first to be euthanized at kill shelters or the last ones to find homes. Shelters are full of old cats who are waiting for someone to adopt them. Some wait for years till they find a home, some never get the chance of being adopted.

If you decide to adopt a cat, give a chance to an older one! By doing this, you will offer the cat the best time of her life and you will make place to the kittens in shelters. 🙂

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