Old Cat’s Rescue Story02:13

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Raisa was rescued 10 years ago. She was a feral cat living in a basement, she had kittens and that was the moment when she needed help. I took her inside together with her kittens.

I don’t know how old is she now but 10 years ago she was already considered to be an old cat. Her kittens were adopted and she was promoted too for adoption.

After some time someone wanted to offer her a home. A big house was waiting for her and a loving family. The thing is Raisa felt what it means to be loved for the first time in her life, by me. So she totally rejected her new family and she took advantage of the big house and she found a perfect place to hide. We all waited and thought she would come out at one moment but no, one day the new owners called me telling she is nowhere to be found in the house. I went there being ready to search for her but the moment I stepped into the house she run to me meowing loudly and asking me to take her back. Of course I did this.

She was too happy and too much attached with me so I decided to let her stay. Today, after more then 10 years she is still the same spoiled cat. She is enjoying every moment of her life, she waits for me every day at the door she wants me to keep her in my arms like a baby and she is receiving all the love that she needs.

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