Pregnant Cat Who Followed Me On The Street – New Update00:00

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I am sure you were waiting for a new update regarding the pregnant cat who followed me on the street asking for help. She is now in the foster room together with her 6 beautiful kittens and of course with the other rescued cats that are now in my care until they get adopted. They are now fully vaccinated. In a few days she is going to be spayed. I wanted to let the kittens grow a little before I take her to be spayed.

They are happy here sharing the room with the other cats and kittens. The kittens are playing all day long, she is not too playful she would rather sleep, relax and eat. I don’t think she had an easy life as even though she is a friendly and loving cat she still has some fears. She is afraid of changes. When I moved her in the foster room she wasn’t too happy but slowly when she understood she is safe she started to like here. I think now she is just enjoying the safe place, the good food and she doesn’t have anything to worry about.

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