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I rescued this cat about 3 months ago. I met her on the street crying for help being extremely close to give birth. She was obviously looking for a safe place to give birth to her kittens. She was hungry and full of fleas.

As the videos with her had many views on social media I have received many so many questions about her and I couldn’t respond to all so now I will pick up the most asked questions and I am going to answer them.

So let me tell you how I found her. I was at a veterinary clinic with a cat who needed a specific intervention. I let the cat at the vet and the vet asked me to come back after her in about one hour. So I went outside to take a short walk while I was waiting for the cat to be ready. I was not alone, I was with my boyfriend. It was not far with the veterinary clinic when we noticed a cat being us meowing loudly. It was her, a very pregnant cat who was acting like she needed help.

We always have a cage in our car in case we find an animal in need. So another question was ‘why didn’t you pick her up immediately and you just stayed there cuddling her for a while?’ Well our car was at a few streets distance and of course the cage is the car. If I would have taken her immediately in my arms probably I would have scared her so my boyfriend went fast to bring the cage from the car. It took a few minutes until he arrived with the cage and in this time I was trying to comfort her.

Another question was ‘why didn’t I use a bigger carrier as I stressed heron that fabric carrier’. I agree with this, usually I don’t use fabric carriers but this was the only carrier that I had with me and the only possible way to transport her in that moment. I don’t recommend for anyone to let an adult cat free directly in the car as cats can be unpredictable and is much safer for you and also for the cat to be kept in a cage during the transport. The cats can get scared, they can scratch, bite or even hurt themselves.

A few people asked if I didn’t kidnaped somebody’s cat. So in the area where I found her are many strays. I saw that they had food placed in several places that was obviously given to the strays. Right I after I placed her in the cage I went with her at the veterinary clinic that I told you about, where I had the other cat waiting for me to pick her up. The vets made her a check, they said she is about to give birth. So the local vets were notified about her, they had my contact and if anyone would have looked for her they would have found her very easily. But unfortunately nobody ever looked for her.

So I took the cat home. She got quite stressed in the car but in abut 20 minutes we arrived home and she calmed down. She was really hungry. She also had running eyes. And here come the next and probably the most asked question: ‘Are her eyes bleeding?’ No, her eyes weren’t bleeding and she wasn’t crying either as cats don’t cry with tears. That was not blood, that was just a brown discharge of the eye that appears sometimes in cats being cause by by an excess of tears.The brown staining means that the tears produced by the cat aren’t draining properly, or the cat is making too many tears. This ca be cause by an eye infection among other causes. Anyway the cat received some local treatment and she was just fine after the treatment.

If you followed her story probably you saw that after she gave birth he had milk fever and she didn’t feel well. She needed some medical treatments, Calcium, some fluids and she also needed some oxygen as she was breathing with difficulty. But she received all the necessary treatments and in a few days she got over it.

Some people were happy to see her giving birth because they also have cats, their own cats who were close to give birth. Here I don’t want to be misunderstandings, this is a rescued cat, she was rescued when she was extremely close to give birth, she is not my cat who gave birth, she is a cat who was rescued while she was pregnant. I spay and neuter all the cats, all my cats are spayed and neutered also all the cats that I give to adoption. This cat is also spayed now. And the kittens will be also spayed and neutered. I think that responsible owners always spay and neuter their cats.

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