Reasons To Adopt Two Or More Cats Instead Of Just One02:56

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When I give my rescued cats to adoption I consider is the best for them either to be adopted two of them together either to go to homes where there is already another cat. Because I truly believe that a cat is much happier when she has a feline companion near her.

Contrary to the myths about cats being loners, most cats do much better with other cats. And there are so many reasons to adopt two cats or more. Cats like to hunt alone but they don’t want to live alone. They are sociable beings and they love to socialize with their own species. Two cats can become very good friends others enjoy each other’s company by simply hanging out together in the same room.

Imagine how a cat feels when she is alone at home for many hours when her human friend works long hours. The cat can become depressed and lonely. Having another feline friend they will not be more entertained they will play together, cuddle and sometimes just sharing a room together. Kittens are so full of energy, they spend a lot of their time playing. Humans can’t be their full time playmates so having another kitten friend would make their lives much more interesting.

Another good thing is that adopting another cat saves more lives. Every time a cat is adopted from a shelter, a new cat will be rescued in her place. Of course there are few situations when the cats can be really aggressive or stressed around other cats. But these cats are very few.

It always worth trying. If you have only one cat you can go to a shelter and take a cat. Explain there the situation and that there is a small chance for your cat not to accept the new one, but give it a try! Never give up in one or two days. Give them at least one week and you will be amazed how they will start to connect each other. I have the best examples here. Look at Brino, the feral cat who seemed that he will never accept other cats and now he is so close with every cat from this room. So never say it’s not possible without trying.

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