Rescued 13 Years Ago02:16

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Carlos, Sheeba and Fluffy are my first rescued cats, 13 years ago. There were actually 4 baby kittens who were born in a tree! Their mother was a feral cat who was very shy. She moved them from the tree in an empty garage and when they had about 3 weeks old all the 4 got very ill, they had a cat flu. We tried a lot to catch the cat mother but without any success, at that time I was a beginner in cat rescue, I didn’t know about trap cages so I didn’t succeed to catch the mother. The kittens needed veterinary care, a warm place and many medicines as their lives were in danger.

So I took them inside. With them I had my first experience of bottle feeding. And that was amazing! It was a whole family thing, even my dog was totally in love with them. They needed a few weeks of treatments and they were nursed back to health. I have found a home for one of them but for the three I haven’t. I was close to move in a bigger house so I decided to keep them.

Today, after more than 13 years they are fine, thankfully they are healthy and there is still a very strong bond among them. In all these 13 years they have been friends with so many cats that I fostered until they got adopted. They know they are brothers, and they always make a team if any cat upsets them. They defend each other. And they are still close with my dog who took care with them when they were little. The dog is very old now but the connection is still strong.

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