Rescued Cat Gets The Chance At A Better Life00:00

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I have here with me a very cute cat. She was living in a very dangerous area with a high traffic and she wasn’t safe at all. She was trapped spayed and I took her in my care because I want to offer her the chance to a better life.

She is such a good and loving cat and she deserves a a family and a home of her own. She is in my care since about 10 days. She was internal and external dewormed and she received her first vaccine. Someone is already interested to offer her a home she she might be lucky to get adopted very very fast. Some of them are really lucky to be adopted very fast, others have to wait for a longer period but anyway the most important thing is for each of us to help cats in need they way we can. And there are so many ways to help them. We can trap-neutered and return them in the territory, we can adopt, foster or donate for rescue organizations or shelters, we can even just feed them. As every little thing for them means a lot!

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