Rescued Cat Needed Surgery00:00

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As I promised you, I have a new update regarding the cat with stomatitis. He finally went through the surgery. His affected teeth were removed. He still has a few teeth left. Today, a few weeks since the surgery he is feeling much better and he has definitely less pain in his mouth. The vet said that it takes time for the inflammation to go away, it won’t disappear suddenly but it already reduced quite much. The vet couldn’t tell exactly from the start if the surgery will help him or not but she suggested it worth trying and he can’t live all his life under anti-inflammatory injections. So together we made the decision to make the surgery and it looks like it was a good decision for him.

Is obviously he is feeling much better, he is happier and more active. I know he is overweight but is very difficult for me to keep him a proper diet here in the community. So his diet will be started as soon as he will go to his forever loving family .

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