Rescued Feral Kittens Are Finally Going Home00:00

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About 3 months ago I was trapping these 4 feral kittens who needed my help. They were sleeping in the rain, one of them was ill and he needed treatments. I spent one day trying to catch them but thankfully I could catch all of them. I wanted so much to help their mother too but unfortunately she was impossible to be trapped. We tried for a few more days then she left and nobody saw her again… But it is way it is, sometimes we just can’t save them all no matter how much we try.

Here they are 3 months after they were rescued. They are now about 7 months old. The two females are spayed and the two males are neutered. They are fully vaccinated and very close to go home because they finally found some loving families who can’t wait to take them home.

I am sure you are wondering how is their behaviour now after 3 months as you saw how ‘wild’ they all were. One of them succeeded to bite me through the trap after I trapped her.

Well I will present you first the one who is the friendliest of all. The one who was actually the ill one when I trapped them and the hardest one to catch. He is a super loving boy now. The others I still quite shy but they improved a lot since they were rescued. I can touch them a little and they are very communicative but they are still not very friendly. Two of them are going to get adopted together but anyway I am sure everything is going to change for them after the adoption when they will have all the attention only for them.

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