Rescued Mother Cat And Her Baby Kittens Then and Now00:00

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Here we are 3 months and a half since these 5 kittens were born. They arrived here in their mommy’s belly and look at them now. The cat mother was rescued when she was very pregnant. Is very possible that she was abandoned as she was new in the area where she was found and she was a very friendly cat. She was meowing loudly asking for help as she was close to give birth and she was looking for a safe place to deliver her babies. And she found the safe place that she was looking for.

The whole family is fully vaccinated now because vaccines are very important. Thankfully they are healthy. Hopefully they will get adopted soon as now they are all ready to go to their new homes. The cat mother have been spayed and she will also find a loving family to adopt her. They are some very lucky kittens as they have never known suffering, they were born here in a safe place, they had and have the best food and of course a lot of love. But things will get even better for them the moment when they will all go to their new homes.

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