Saying Goodbye To Some Of The Foster Cats02:23

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Tomorrow most of the cats from this room will travel to their forever homes. Tomorrow will be a busy day and I won’t be able to properly say goodbye to each of them. So I will do this now.

Each of the cats that you see here have a sad story, all of them are rescued from bad situations. I have this mother with her 5 kittens who were abandoned in a bag in the trash, I have Molly who was thrown out of a moving car, I have Anabelle who was severely hit by a car and she went through major surgeries but thankfully now she is fine. And many other stories with sad beginnings but happy endings.

At this moment they are all dewormed, vaccinated, spayed and neutered so they are all totally ready to go to their homes. Wonderful families are waiting for each of them. This isn’t a sad goodbye because they will all have beautiful lives, I am happy because they deserve to go. They were fine here, they were safe, they had food and shelter but they need to get out of this community and start a real life and this way they will make place to other cats in need.

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