Shy Kitten Is Getting Trustful02:27

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Do you remember the kitten that I rescued from the parking of a supermarket? Well here she is, she is in the foster room now together with the other rescued kittens. Her name is Viola. She is not the friendliest kitten yet. I don’t know her story, she was found in the parking of a supermarket hiding under cars and entering in the engines area. I guess her mother is a feral cat and maybe she get by mistake in that parking. Anyway the experience was quite traumatic for her, so many cars, so many people and so much noise was too much for her. For two weeks she was hissing at me and she was growling but she never showed any sign of aggression.

I didn’t want to force her to like me, I want her to understand that I am her friend and looks like it works. Since two days she stropped the growling and the hissing. She is even coming close to me and she is looking into my eyes like she is waiting for me to go and cuddle her.

She was a teacher for the other kittens, especially for Puma’s kittens, who are with me since their day one of life. They didn’t know how to growl or how to hiss bit now Viola reached them and they are quite proud of this.

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