Sick Kitten Needed Help05:58

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A bit earlier some neighbours came to me asking me to help a kitten that they have found crying in a tree very close to my home. The kitten is friendly so they managed to get him down from the tree and they brought him to me asking me to help him.

Of course I couldn’t say no, I took him immediately in my care even though I have many cats right now in foster. The foster room is quite full. It takes time to find them all loving families, is not easy. But it is what it is. I will do now my best to help this poor kitten who definitely needed my help.

Right now is quite late and the veterinary clinic is close. As you know I am a certified veterinary technician and I can offer him the first help. I have just talked with the vet and the vet told me exactly what to do so let’s check on him.