Simple Ways To Save A Cat’s Life03:10

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When you see me surrounded with so many cats probably you are thinking wow there are too many cats there! But you know what? This is your cat too, this is your cat and this is your cat. These are not only my cats these are your cats too. You know why? Because they are all rescued and animal welfare is a human responsibility. Yes, living on this planet makes us responsible for the beings that are less lucky then we are.

And if you love cats YOU can do something to help them. There is always a way that you can help. And no, don’t even think that there is nothing that you can help with, because there are so many ways that you can help. Did you know that right now when you are watching this video there are many cats that might desperately need your help? That maybe they are much closer to your home that you might think? You just have to look and you will see them. How? It’s so simple! Google it! Search for organizations or for animals rescuers in your area, contact them and see what you can do. Don’t wait to do this later, do it now because the more comfortable we get the more we limit ourselves. And they need us now.

There are so many simple ways to save a cats life. You can start by fostering a cat. Taking care of a cat is a lot easier then you might think. If you can’t foster then donate. Never think that you have too few to offer because every small donation is extremely important in animal rescue. Become involved in trap, neuter and return, this way there will be less suffering cats on the streets. If can’t to any of this go and volunteer at a shelter. There are so many things that have to be done in an animal shelter and your help would be extremely valuable. There are so many things to be done in this whole process of animal rescue like taking care of cats, spending time with them, feeding them, treating them and going with them at the vet, socializing them, there is also a lot of paper stuff to be done and you can use your skills & expertise to help the community. There is always something that you can do. You just have to open your eyes, to go and see for yourself and realise how valuable you can be for them. And do this without expecting for a reword. Because knowing that you do the right thing and seeing the happiness in the eyes of the animals that YOU will help will me more then enough.

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