Small And Fragile Kittens Then and Now00:00

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Today, the two beauties are still in my care. They are growing nicely. They are very close one with another so I prefer to find a family to adopt them both. I am sure someone will fall in love with them soon. They made good friends here in the foster room, they are all like a big team. The adult cats care for the smaller ones, sometimes they even play with them.

I had a big number of rescued cats recently and it takes time to find them all loving families. I don’t want just to give them to adoption, I would rather wait longer until the perfect human appears for each of them. We have some requests for some of them so soon a part of them will meet their new families. I know some of them waited for a quite long time but on the streets they wouldn’t have had chances to survive as they all come from really bad conditions.

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