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About one week ago I was working at the computer late in the evening when I heard a kitten meowing close to my house. The meowing didn’t sound normal so I went immediately to check if a kitten needs help.

After about 10 minutes of searching I figured out that the meowing was coming from the yard of a neighbour. It was dark and I couldn’t see anything and the kitten wasn’t coming when I was calling. It was too late and I think my neighbours were sleeping so I decided to go again in the morning. I let some food there as the kitten seemed hungry.

The next day in the morning I went again but I couldn’t find the kitten. Later I started again to work at the computer and I heard the kitten meowing again. I went in a hurry and I found this tiny kitten meowing loudly. She wanted to run but I was fast and I caught her easily. I couldn’t film anything as everything happened very fast.

She was extremely thin, I could easily feel all the bones on her back. She was dehydrated and she didn’t even have enough power to eat. She ate a little, she drank some water and in a few hours she started to feel better.

Today, one week later she took a little weight, she is still thin but she looks much better. She has been internal and external dewormed, she receives vitamins. Since about two days she started to purr but she his still not playing. I have to keep her separate with the other kittens as she needs to receive the second internal deworming and also the vaccines. And she still needs a lot of rest as she is still weak. I estimate that in about two weeks she will be ready to run and play with the other foster kittens.

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