Stray Cat Got Very Ill But He Was Rescued03:25

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Hi there, I have just picked up this cat from the vet. He had to stay at the vet for about one month as he was very ill. He had liver failure but thankfully he got over it. He was a stray cat when he was found in a very bad condition. He had icterus, his gums were very yellow, he was extremely weak, he was barely standing so he needed emergency care at the vet.

He responded very well at the treatments and he is feeling well now. The thing is he can’t live as a stray any more, now he needs a human to take care of him and make sure he remains healthy. He is not very friendly, the vets described him as a ‘chameleon cat’ as now he is a loving cat and next minute he is scratching. But he didn’t have too much contact with humans as a stray so now he needs some time to understand he is safe and of course to gain some trust in humans.

I am placing him in this cage in the foster room. I can’t let him free from the first day because he still has to receive some vaccines and I also have mommy Puma and her kittens in the room. I don’t know if Puma will accept him immediately so I have to give them time to accept each other. I will keep you updated about his evolution in my next videos so please follow my channels on social media and you will be updated with the cats that I rescue.

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