Stray Cat Needed Help00:00

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A few days ago I noticed this stray cat rolling on his back in the middle of a busy street. Of course I stopped the car and went to check on him and of course to move him from that dangerous place. The moment I took him in my arms he started to purr and I realised he was so full of fleas and dirty. He was probably in heats so he definitely needed to be neutered so I took him with me.

I wanted to schedule him at the vet to be neutered but he is quite thin so I will let him take some weight first. He has to stay for a short time in this quarantine until he gets vaccinated and neutered. After this he will meet the other foster cats and kittens. Of course he won’t end up on the streets as now that he is here he can stay here until he will find a loving family to adopt him.

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