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Two weeks ago I noticed this young cat on the street, playing under the cars. I went to check on her but she was a little shy and she didn’t let me touch her. The veterinary clinic is close so I went to ask if they know anything about the cat and they told me she just appeared in the area a few days earlier.

I didn’t want to lose her as she wanted to run with me so I tried to entertain her a little and play with her while I was waiting for a trap cage as this was what I needed to catch her. The trap cage was very useful as it didn’t take long for her to get inside.

We went directly at the vet where she was internal and external dewormed. She is about 6 months old so she was also spayed.

I don’t think she had too much contact with humans because she doesn’t know what to do when I cuddle her. She would scratch and bite but she would also be so loving. In these two weeks she improved a lot, she is learning that is it is a good thing to be cuddled.

She stayed in the quarantine for a while. Now that she is fully dewormed and vaccinated she can meet the other cats and kittens from the foster room. So let’s see their reactions when they meet each other.

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