Stray Cats Get The Chance At A Better Life00:00

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The cats that you just saw in the video were living in the parking of a supermarket. I went at that supermarket to buy something when I noticed all of them there. I went immediately to ask the manager of the supermarket what is their story. He said he has no idea how they got there but they have to find a solution for them as they weren’t safe there and sometimes they were entering in the supermarket during night turning on the alarm.

I realised that I had to do something to help these cats. Even though they seemed friendly none of them was staying to be touched. It was late so I decided to come back next day with cages and traps. Seemed to be one cat mother and 3 kittens that weren’t so small.

So next day I came back in the evening as during day were too many cars and too many people. I tried first to make them enter in the cages after food and close the door fast. I didn’t want to use the trap from the start as if I would have trapped one I could have scared the others with the noise that the door of the trap is making.

With the first kitten it worked quite fast. He entered in the cage after some food and I closed fast the door. So kitten no 1 was caught. With the others this didn’t work even though I tried a lot.

One of the kittens was quite cold as she was breathing with noise and she had a running nose. They were sleeping on a piece of cardboard. I went slowly near them and I managed to catch this kitten by hand. I placed her fast in the cage as of course she was trying to scratch and to run away. So the kitten no 2 was caught also.

I the meantime one of the traps was placed a little bit further and a new kitten that we haven’t seen before entered. A female kitten who was probably hiding with us entered the trap. So an unexpected kitten no 3. It was getting late so we decided to go home with the 3 kittens and come back next day.

Next day we went again being ready to catch the kitten that remained and the cat mother. When we arrived there we had a surprise – one of the cats was inside the shop and she was there all night turning on the alarm 4 times. So 4 times someone had to come form home during night to turn off the alarm. They couldn’t catch the cat as she was hiding among the shelves and running with them.

We assumed it was the cat mother as they described the cat as she was the cat mother. As soon as we arrived the second black and white kitten was right in front of the shop. We placed the trap and he entered quite fast. So kitten no 4 was trapped too!

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