Summer Review03:52

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This is how the foster room was looking during summer. This small foster room sheltered 18 cats during the summer who thankfully found forever homes with loving families. Even though the kitten season should have ended at the end of the summer, a big number of kittens and also a few adult cats needed my help.

Now the room shelters other cats and kittens. Now in the room are the two cats who lost their owner, the kitten who was crying during night under a car, the kitten who was abandoned in front of the veterinary clinic on a rainy evening, the two kittens who were abandoned in a place with high traffic, the two kittens that I found when I took a day off, the kitten who was also rescued from a place with a high traffic, who was hiding under the cats and he was in a big danger, the kitten abandoned in front of a supermarket, the kitten who was almost run over by a car, the cat who appeared in my neighbourhood and needed to be castrated, the mommy with her 3 babies who gave birth in a storage and they needed shelter.

So this is how the foster room is looking now, it shelters all these cats and kittens who hopefully will also find their loving families soon.

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