Teaching Kittens How To Eat03:39

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The time is running fast, the baby kittens are already 4 weeks old. 🙂 The perfect age when they can receive special baby kitten food. I can see the mother’s milk is not enough any more as when they feel the smell of food they start to cry. Don’t imagine that I will put food in front of them and they will start eating, it is not that simple!

When we give solid food to kittens for the first time we have to be very careful and it is very important to do this correctly. First of all we have to choose a suitable food for their age. When they learn how to eat they can choke very easily so we have to be very careful. Of course we will start with wet food, the dry food we can introduce the moment they learn how to eat well wet food. Remember, not any ‘kitten’ food is good for a kitten who is just learning how to eat. It has to be baby pate food. Not many brands make this kind of food but if you search you will definitely find a food like this on the market.

So I am going to feed them now for the first time. As I told you, they won’t just come to eat as they have never tested solid food and even if they feel the smell, they don’t know what to do. So I will have to feed them directly in their mouths. I use a very very small amount. I estimate in about one week they will learn to go at the bowl and eat by themselves. By than I will give them once a day, very few, this has to be done slowly and step by step.

Once they learn how to eat wet food they can start receiving dry food too. Here is again delicate as not any kitten dry food is good for a kitten who is learning how to eat. You can also find on the market special food for baby kittens starting with one month old. The food has to be extremely small.