Teaching Your Cat To Vocalize on Command02:01

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When you adopt a cat of course the first thing that you do is giving the cat a name. Probably your cat will learn fast her name but what are your efforts to make her come to you when you call her and the most important thing to make her answer you by meowing? Teaching your cat to vocalize on command is very important.

I am sure you wander why. Well, take this as a prevention in case your cat is getting lost. Cats get lost and even indoor cats can get lost. Let’s take an example – you have some friends coming to visit you. Your cat is not friendly with new people and she is getting scared. One of your friends forgets to close the entrance door and the cat runs away. What do cats do when they get scared? They run as much as they can and then they stop, they hide and they don’t move. In a situation like this, if you go to look for your cat, if you call her and if she hears your voice she will answer you by meowing and this way you will know where she is hiding.

Is easy to teach your cat to answer when you call her name, you just have to talk with her a lot and call her on her name many times. Each time you call her name and she answers you by meowing give her a treat or some food that she likes but from your hand, not from the bowl.

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