The Cat Who Followed Me On The Street Gave Birth00:00

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A few days ago this cat who was so close to give birth just followed me on the street meowing and asking for help. I don’t know how did she know that I can help her, but she did somehow. Of course I took her with me home, I couldn’t let her give birth without having a shelter.

Today she just gave birth to 6 beautiful kittens. Is very possible to have more as the birth process can last for many hours. She didn’t have an easy birth, she had a lot of pain and she lost a lot of blood. But I was all the time near her comforting her and I think this helped her a little.

Thankfully this is the last time when she gives birth as as soon as the kittens will have the proper age she will be spayed. Now is good that she is in a safe place, she has good food and the whole family will stay in my care until they will be ready to get adopted. I will keep you updated with this beautiful family.

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