The Hero Cat Mommy02:46

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This video is about Puma, the hero cat mommy. I found Puma 3 months ago together with 5 newborn kittens. She was still bleeding when I found her, this happened because she didn’t end giving birth. It didn’t take long and she gave birth to other two baby kittens but unfortunately one of them wasn’t alive when he was born.

I don’t know Puma’s story, where is she coming from, but I can tell she didn’t have an easy life. She is missing a lot of teeth and she is not an old cat. This means she didn’t eat properly and who knows what she had been through. After I took her in and I made her a comfy nest for her and her babies she couldn’t believe it, she was so proud with her nest that I could hardly clean the place. She was afraid not to lose what she had. I could see in her eyes how happy she was. And she felt safe.

Her kittens grew nicely and she is such a good mother for them. She is also an adoptive mother for the other 5 kittens that I rescued. They all share the same foster room until they will get adopted. Puma makes no difference between them and her kittens, she loves and protects all the same. Now the kittens are big enough to be adopted, they all have requests of adoption, also Puma so they don’t have so much time left to spend together. Some of them will be adopted two by two, others will find other cats waiting in their new homes. So soon they will meet their families and will finally go to their homes.

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