The Pregnant Cat Who Followed Me On The Street Is Finally Going Home00:00

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It’s been 6 months since this family of beautiful cats were rescued. Is quite a long time, they stayed in my care more than cats usually stay. But these last months we had so many cases, so many cats needed to be rescued that this made the adoption process much longer than usual for some of them. It takes time until we find the perfect families for each of them.

But I have great news, all the 6 kittens are finally extremely close to go to their homes, they have finally found the loving families who are opening their hearts and their homes for them. For the cat mommy I am still waiting for an answer but hopefully very soon she will get adopted too. The cat mommy also has a loving family waiting to take her home.

So we spent together 6 months, 6 months when I tried my best to make them happy, to make them to feel that they are safe and loved. And they turned out to be some very loving cats! The whole family is fully vaccinated. The cat mommy and the 3 female kittens are already spayed. The 3 male kittens will be also neutered soon.

So we have another happy ending story. A super pregnant cat who followed me on the street asking for help 6 months ago is now safe, loved, spayed and a beautiful life is waiting for her but also for her 6 adorable kittens.

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