They Need Us To Be There For Them No Matter What03:19

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Tigris was rescued about 7 years ago. She was a tiny kitten who was living with her mother and her brothers in a garden. They were all very ill and weren’t safe there so they needed to be saved. I remember that I caught all of them easily, but she made me run after her for a while. She had one eye completely closed and infected. Finally I managed to catch her.

They all stared an intense treatment, they had a bad cat flu. The problem is her two brothers were much more affected than her and with all the efforts they didn’t make it. Her mother was very very old cat. See here it was a problem, a stray cat who gave birth to kittens after kittens all her life for years, she was around 15 years old. This was reason why all her kittens had health problems. Her mommy was nursed back to health, she found a wonderful home where lived for a few more years.

Tigris got this illness but her fight wasn’t over. It didn’t take long and she made rectal prolapse. She had a few interventions and it lasted for a few moths until she got over this. She also remained with some breathing issues, for life. She is making a noise while she is breathing and sometimes this noise is quite loud. All her health problems lasted for a long time, her condition made me wanted to keep my eyes on her so she remained with me.

She is a fighter and she had and still have to go through health issues. Here problems are not ended even after 7 years. More then one year ago she was diagnosed with a tutor in her mouth. And there is nothing that it can be done to make this go away.

I am telling you her story, a sad but also a happy story. Happy because she has a good life, she is loved she has everything that she needs, because she is another proof that we should never give up at our ill cats. They are strong, they want to fight and they need us to fight with them.

Right now she feeling well, she is eating well, she only receives an injection from time. She hopes that she can be a good example that a cat even if is not totally healthy she can live a happy life and much longer than would be medically predicted as long as she is receiving a lot of love and care.

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