This Cat Thinks She Is Still A Baby01:36

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This cat thinks she is still a baby. She can’t stay in my arm without doing this. She is sucking my clothes. Obviously this behavior appeared because she was separated with her mother too fast.

I don’t know her story as she was rescued as an adult but is clearly she didn’t spend enough time with her mother. Kittens should be kept with the mother cat until they’re about 12 weeks old. Most commonly kittens who are removed too soon from their mothers are sucking wool or other similar fabrics for comfort. Some cats may try to suckle other cats or even their own fur, a habit comparable to that of a human child sucking its thumb. This cat was rescued in a quite bad condition, she didn’t have an easy life, and obviously nobody offered her love and attention. And she needs this so much. This behavior can be her was of asking for more attention. Well she will receive as much love and attention as she needs, soon she will get also adopted so in time, when she will understand she is totally safe and loved she should stop doing this.

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