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Two days ago I was asked if I can help 4 kittens who were living in a garden together with their mother. Someone was feeding them but when they noticed one of the kittens started to look bad they asked for help. It was a rainy day and they were just staying there directly in the rain without looking for a shelter.

I received some pictures with the poor kittens. Of course I accepted to help them. It was almost dark when I received the pictures so I decided to go there next day in the morning. I was told the kittens and the mother are not friendly so I took two trap cages with me.

The second day I went there being ready to catch them. I found them hiding in the bushes. I tried to talk with them, I was hoping that maybe I won’t need to use the traps but no chance, they were too scared.

So I placed the two traps and I went a little bit further to let them go after the food that I placed in the traps. It didn’t take long and the first kitten entered the trap. She got quite scared but this didn’t stop her to eat the food that was inside. Another kitten was coming close but no, he didn’t want to enter the other trap cage.

The location was very close of my home so I went fast to take the first trapped kitten home so that I can use the trap cage for the next one. I still had one trap cage that remained there. Until I came back another kitten entered the second trap. So the second one was caught. This made me really happy!

I went to take this second trapped kitten home so that I can use the trap again.

After a while a third kitten entered the trap. So 3 of them were taken to safety. But these were the kittens that looked fine, they didn’t seem ill. Well the 4’th one, the one who was not looking good at all, was refusing to enter the trap. We waited, and waited and nothing. He run away from the garden and went to hide under some parked cars. The cat mother was following him and she wouldn’t enter the trap either.

I waited, and waited for a few hours and nothing, this kitten was too smart and he wouldn’t enter into the cage. I was afraid that it was going to get dark and I really wanted him to be checked by a vet and taken to a safe place.

I decided to try with a net. The first attempt was a total failure. But the second was a success, I finally caught him! I was so happy as it was already almost dark and finally I could help this poor kitten.

The mother remained there but I am not giving up, I will keep trying until she will be trapped. Is very important for her to be spayed as if this won’t be done fast she might have babies again.

So now all the 4 kittens are safe and hopefully the mother will be also soon.

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