Two Abandoned Kittens Needed Help00:00

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A few weeks ago I was notified about 2 kittens who were abandoned in an area with a high traffic. There were two kittens about 4 months old who were crying for help and following people on the street.

One of them, the black one was caught easily by the person who notified me about them, the other was crying but when anyone was trying ti catch her she was hiding in the bushes. The worse part was that they were crossing a very busy street and they were in a huge danger of being run over by cars.

So I went there with a trap cage being ready to catch the other kitten in need. But thankfully I didn’t need the trap as I managed to catch her easily by hand. They both had massive infestations with fleas but they have received treatment for this and in less than 24 hours they got rid with all of them.

As you can see they are already in the foster room together with the other cats and kittens. They stayed for a while separate with these cats. In this time they were dewormed and fully vaccinated. Soon they will get spayed also.

They are both extremely loving and they totally enjoy the time that they spend here with the other cats. They will stay in my care until they will find a loving family to adopt them and to offer them all the love that they deserve.

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