Two Cats Needed Another Home01:56

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Last week I picked up two new cats who needed help. They hey were living in the yard of somebody, they had food and a shelter. It wasn’t the perfect place for them but still they had something.
I had to pick them up because they started to hunt the pigeons that belonged to a neighbor and a big conflict was born because of this. In stead of finding a good solution for the birds and also the cats, the neighbor started to threaten that he will kill the cats.
Of course, the pigeons needed to be safe, and is not the cats fault as they are hunters by nature but they wanted they could have find a solution.

But things are the way they are, now the cats are in my care until I will find them another home and of course it will be a much better home than what they had before.

One of them was full of wounds when I picked them up. None of them was neutered and probably he had fights with other cats. But now they are both neutered, the wounds are healing nicely. They are both very friendly and loving so I am sure they will both find their forever loving families and a safe place.

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