Two Kittens Abandoned On A Rainy Evening03:17

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Yesterday evening I was notified about two kittens abandoned in from of a veterinary clinic. Looks like someone abandoned two kittens in a box, one tiny kitten about 5 weeks old and one bigger kitten, about 4 months old. It was dark, it was raining, the clinic was closed, the kittens got scared and they run away hiding under the cars and crying for help.

Of course I went immediately there. I managed to catch the bigger one with the trap cage. She was too scared to let anyone touch her. The smaller one, I managed to catch her by hand even though she was scared too and she was running and hiding.

So now they are safe, I am so happy they are here as they would have definitely been run over by cars as they were too much scared and confused.

The tiny one is so thin, I can feel her spine easily. The bigger one is much better now, I can touch her but she not totally comfortable yet. They both needed treatments against fleas and of course internal deworming. At the first check they seem healthy, now they only need to eat well and to sleep a lot as they are still tired.

I will keep you updated with their evolution so please keep watching my videos on social media. See you soon!