Two Very Pregnant Cats Needed Help00:00

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I just spent the night with two very pregnant cats. They were both just rescued, from different places. One of them had almost all night contractions and I had to be near her in case she needed by help while she is delivering.

She didn’t give birth by now. It seems like it takes a while. She is living in my neighborhood since a while, she used to be a feral cat. Actually a shy one. I am trying to catch her since summer but I haven’t succeeded till now. Of course I would have preferred to catch her faster and I would have wanted for her to be spayed and not to have babies, of course to find her a loving family. But she is a very shy cat and scared with humans and it wasn’t easy at all to trap her.

Now I finally trapped her and she is about to have babies. Of course she will have these babies and after this she will be spayed and will find a family and a safe place where she can live from now on.

I hope she is going to have an easy delivery but I am here for her and in case things are getting complicated I am ready to take her at the vet to get more help.

Probably you wonder how I have two very pregnant cats at once. Is just a coincidence, this one appeared also in my neighborhood. I think she was abandoned because she is new, she wasn’t here before in this area. One friend of mine found her, she was just meowing loudly, like she was asking her to take her to a safe place. So here she is. She is also very close to give birth but I see she doesn’t have contractions yet. I can see her babies moving inside her belly.

So I will keep you updated about both of them. I think this one will give birth in the next few hours, so please keep your fingers crossed for everything to go fine.

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