Very Pregnant Cat Needed a Safe Place To Give Birth00:00

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About one week ago this cat appeared in my neighbourhood being very pregnant and close to give birth. I feed all the stray cats from my neighbourhood, they are also spayed and neutered so this cat was totally new. I asked around but nobody knew where was she coming from.Of course I took her inside as she needed a safe and clean place to give birth to her babies.

She is a super friendly cat, she is very much accustomed with humans so unfortunately she was abandoned or something happened with her owner.

It didn’t take long and she gave birth. She delivered during night and I was all the time near her. She didn’t have an easy birth at all. She didn’t have power to push, she had much pain and I really had to help her. She wasn’t washing her kittens too much because of the pain and so on. I had to clean their faces in order to help them to breath. One by one until all the 6 were born. Thankfully all went fine and all are healthy.

As soon as she ended to give birth and she started to feel better she realised that she is a mommy and she started to wash her babies and to care for them with a lot of love.

So now I have in my care 3 cat mothers with baby kittens. All of them are going to be spayed when the kittens will have the proper age and the kittens also. I will keep you updated with this family I my next videos.

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